I am a big coffee lover, so thought of sharing this recipe with you guys..hope you will like and enjoy the recipe of this hazelnut frappuccino. Do share this recipe with your family and friends if you like it. 🙂


1/2 cup ice

2 cups brewed coffee (chilled)

1/4 tsp hazelnut syrup

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp roasted hazelnuts

1/4 cup fresh whipped cream

2 tsp Nutella

4 scoop of vanilla ice cream or as needed

  • Add ice cubes and brewed coffee in a jar and blend it properly.
  • Add fresh cream, vanilla extract, hazelnut syrup, Nutella, roasted hazelnut and vanilla ice cream into the jar with others and blend all together.
  • Transfer the mixture into the serving glasses, decorate the glass with some chocolate syrup.
  • Served immediately with the heavy topping of whipped cream, nicely diced hazelnut or almond, chocolate syrup, and sprinkle some coffee powder.
  • Enjoy your hazelnut frappe with your family and friends.


You can also use milk instead of brewed coffee. You just have to add some coffee powder to the milk.

You can also use hazelnut coffee powder instead of normal coffee powder.

Enjoy this yummy hazelnut frappuccino with delicious American pancakes

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