banana mousse pudding is one of the easiest desserts to make since it is prepared ahead of time, banana pudding is a wonderful dessert to serve for picnics & potluck.


2 cups fresh cream
1/4 cup sugar or as needed
2 bananas(ripe),
1 tsp vanilla extract
dark chocolate, whipped cream for garnish


*Add bananas to a blender.
*Blend the bananas to a smooth puree without any chunks.
*Stir together with the vanilla extract.
*Whip the cream with the sugar until stiff peaks form.
*Add the whipped cream to the banana mixture and stir well to combine.
*Pour the banana mousse mixture into small serving bowls.
*Cover it with the plastic wrap and chill into the refrigerator for 3-4 hours or till it is set.
*Once set, garnish the banana mousse pudding with some whipped cream, banana slices or grated chocolates.


You can use a tub of whipped topping to simplify things, but homemade whipped cream just tastes so much better.

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