Sandwiches are easy to make and filled with the goodness of corn and spinach. Enjoy your creamy and crunchy Corn and Spinach sandwiches..

8 Bread Slices
butter to spread on bread
1.5 tbsp cooking butter
1 tbsp all purpose flour/wheat flour
1 cup warm milk (more if the sauce is too thick)
1 cup spinach Cleaned,Blanched and chopped
1 cup corn cooked
1/2 cup Cheese Grated


*Heat a pan. Add butter. Once butter starts to melt add flour. Stir using a spatula for a minute on low-medium heat. 
*Once the raw flavor of the flour is gone, slowly add warm milk. Whisk carefully to make a smooth mixture and avoid any lump.
*Add salt and pepper as per taste. ( As cheese also might have salt add salt accordingly). Mix well.
*Add boiled spinach and corn kernels. Mix well. Take the pan off the heat.
*Add grated cheese. Mix using a spatula till cheese melted and well incorporated.
*Spread butter on a bread slice. Turn around. Spoon the Spinach Corn mixture. Top with another bread. Spread butter. Grill on a griddle pan.

For the spicier version, you can also sprinkle some chili flakes after you spoon the filling.
You can also add cooked pasta to spinach corn filling.

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